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With three decades of invaluable experience in the film and television industry, Johnny has consistently delivered top-notch feedback on outlines, treatments and scripts for renowned studios such as Dreamworks, Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Disney. He has also worked closely with numerous major production companies, including BBC Films, Aardman and Working Title as well as collaborating with smaller companies across the globe. ​Johnny's expertise lies in his ability to provide a unique blend of intelligent critical analysis, a fresh perspective, and a wealth of new ideas, ensuring that your project gains the momentum it needs to move forward towards production or secure financing, or even both simultaneously! ​From the initial pitch page or outline stage to comprehensive script doctoring for feature screenplays and TV scripts, Johnny is delighted to offer his consultancy skills to enhance your projects potential.​  If you're interested in discussing your project with Johnny and benefitting from his wealth of knowledge, please don't hesitate to reach out via the CONTACTS PAGE.    

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