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John Smith is not boring
I would be delighted to visit your school to read my books or teach creative writing or screenwriting. I work with children of all ages and abilities. Here’s what some kind folk said about my recent visits:

"Johnny was an utter delight in the STORYSTOCK Big Top at Wilderness Festival in August. The show is hilarious and he is full of warmth and joy and makes reading something that everyone needs to have a go at, especially his books. Fabulous."



Johnny immediately got the children engaged with his intriguing suitcase of resources and beaming smile! He had the children in stitches and showed a natural ability to grasp the children's attention. I would thoroughly recommend Johnny to any other school - his book series is fantastic!"

Honeywell Junior School


"It was such a special day having Johnny at Sellincourt School. He brought the books alive and helped the children see the benefits of reading and writing for pleasure. One of the children said she didn’t know people could grow up and become writers. Now she wants to become a writer herself!"

Sellincourt Primary School


"Thank you, Johnny Smith, for an engaging afternoon at Thomas's Clapham. The children loved your reading and were on the edge of their seat to hear what happened next. You made a big impact on the children, especially the boys and we have proof of it."

Thomas’s School, Clapham

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